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Chinese Informal Settlement Honored in Modernization

Image courtesy of China Resources Co.By Jing ZhangAn “urban village” is a very unique spatial and social landscape formed by the rapid urbanization process in China’s major cities. It’s a rural village surrounded by urban development rather than...

Posted April 27, 2015    

Urban Forests for Health and Safety

By Sean O'MalleyDrought combined with erratic patterns of excessive rain—this seems to be the new normal for North American cities. 2012 was the worst drought on the continent in 50 years. Higher-intensity hurricanes and rainfall—like we saw with...

Posted June 30, 2014    

Art for Public Spaces: Why Do Cities Need Public Art? [VIDEO]

A recent study by Americans for the Arts reported that each year the government provides four billion dollars to nonprofit arts organizations. In return, the arts industry generates nearly 30 billion dollars in revenue. Undoubtedly, cities are...

Posted April 23, 2014