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Follow Up: Post Your Questions & Responses From "How To Save The Planet On A Budget"

Thank you so much for a terrific webinar! In a few days, we'll have an audio recording of this amazing presentiation up in this post's slot. We kept a fast pace to get to all the speakers in the 3 hour time slot, and we know we didn't get a chance...

Posted November 30, 2011    

Have Sustainability Projects Stalled In Your City?

A lot of cities have put the breaks on sustainability plans that were established prior to 2007. In Boston, I've also seen projects be suspended, for years on end, as financing dried up. It's difficult to get and keep funds in a recession, and even...

Posted November 24, 2011    

WEBINAR TUESDAY: Funding Green Cities 1PM EST

If you're in energy, you've heard it before: 40% of US carbon emissions come from buildings. Everything that uses electricity- HVAC, lighting, appliances, etc- adds to this burden. To cut down on buildings' share of emissions, we have a...

Posted May 23, 2011