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On In Memoriam: Robin Fray Carey

A brilliant woman. Sorely missed.

December 22, 2015    View Comment    

On What are 'Garden Cities' Without a Garden Culture?

There's a new UK project to implement new garden cities on Ebenezer Howard's model. See

April 13, 2015    View Comment    

On Nottingham: The City Where People Continue To Live In Caves

 hi Chuck, I've done a Site-specific Google search using your keywords above for these articles but can't find them, can you provide links yourself?

April 8, 2015    View Comment    

On The High Cost of Poor Land Use

There is always room for more compact use of land and the use of brownfield sites in London. There are also plenty of empty properties. But I wasn't just referring to London but to the country at large. The UK is a small country, land is at a premium. It's different in Canada and the USA, but we should always try not to build an agricultural land if we can. I know a lot of people who want to have Permaculture type smallholdings on the edges of cities, with dwellings, but they can't afford the land prices because speculators have already bought it up in the hope that one day the pain department will grant them permission to build dense housing on that land.

April 8, 2015    View Comment    

On New Survey: Multi-sector Partnerships are Central to a Sustainable Future

Hang on, ASLA, didn't corporations get us in this mess in the first place? What makes you think we can trust them to get us out of it?

April 8, 2015    View Comment    

On The High Cost of Poor Land Use

The problem I am most aware of is land banking by developers on the edges of settlements. This and other forms of land speculation drive up the value of land out of the reach of ordinary people. Speculators, the rich, and so on are the only people to benefit from this. People are being priced out of London, it's a mad situation. This policy does not support affordable housing nor people who would like to buy land to build their own homes or grow food locally. A tax Is not the answer because it further puts up the price of land. I agree that a top-down (at local level) solution is required that gives tax breaks or reduced rates to more sustainable uses of land. A carrot, not a stick.

April 8, 2015    View Comment    

On The Town That Saves Millions on Heating Costs with a Water Source Heat Pump

Marcio. Did you know that heat pumps can also be made to work backwards, taking surplus heat out of a building and vboiding the need for aircon?

March 20, 2015    View Comment    

On What's Your Complete Neighborhood?

Good list. I'd also like: safe cycling; cinema; arts centre; community centre or public space you can hire; autonomous zone; mixed population; lots of greenery/park; car-free zone; farmer's market.

March 2, 2015    View Comment    

On What are the Best Indicators for Measuring the Sustainability of Cities?

Agreed. This is in the Welsh One Planet Development criteria. To be granted planning permission residents must provide 65% of their livelihood within five years of being on the site. This is in addition to reducing their ecological footprint and improving biodiversity. This is in the open countryside. It is edge of settlement criteria that we want to develop, which we don't think should be as onerous. Instead, food should be produced within a certain radius. There should be greater credits for buying food locally than buying food imported from outside the area.

February 19, 2015    View Comment    

On Ready To Add 'Dumpster Diver' To Your Resume?

I used to get thrown out food from Covent Garden market and cook meals in a squatted cafe. I furnished a house from skips as we call them in the UK. A friend even made a tv series about this in the early '80s for Channel 4.

February 12, 2015    View Comment    

On Food Waste to Energy: Louisville, Kentucky Food Hub Plans Onsite Power Plant

AD also creates fertilizer by composting the waste – and jobs.

February 10, 2015    View Comment    

On New Open Source Calculator Claims the World Can Live Well And Tackle Climate Change

Try the calculator and let us know what you think? The makers clearly want to inject some optimism and hope into the negotiations leading up to Paris.

January 29, 2015    View Comment