The UK has blown its previous record of 13% set in 2013 by achieving 14% of total electricity being generated by wind power. New figures for countries throughout the world published by the Global Wind Energy Council and GreenMatch reveal a global annual market growth of 44% and, in the UK, significant contribution to the country's energy needs.

Results of the study indicate that, globally, much of the increase is accounted for by China, although Latin America and Africa are showing robust growth while the European market will face a slight downturn. 


The UK is considered as one of the countries with the best locations for wind power, and with 55% of all new installations the UK led Europe in the pace of growth. The continent's previous market leaders were Denmark with 15.8% of all installations and Germany with 13%. Belgium is fourth on the list, followed by the Netherlands with 3.1%, Sweden with 2.6% and Finland with 0.3%.

As a pioneer in developing wind power for commercial use, Denmark led the global market for several decades until the industry assumed center stage in the UK and Germany.

The latest figures related to the UK’s wind energy sector indicate that not only was April a bumper month, but it also showed increase in public support. Development is motivated by desire to move away from the traditional feed-in-tariff structure to a market-based approach.

40% of all wind energy in Europe blows over the UK, which is now exploiting its excellent wind resources in an effort to secure a target that 15% of its total energy supply comes from renewable sources by 2020.

As the UK is running out of North Sea oill, it is moving towards renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal energy.

However, at the local and political level, opposition to onshore wind development is producing a negative effect on investments.


Due to the continued uncertainties related to changes in the support system and the current elections, the investment levels in wind energy will most likely struggle during 2015.
On the positive side, the offshore wind manufacturing facilities constructed by Siemens and MHI Vestas Offshore Wind in the UK are likely to be ready in the course of 2015.
The UK government and energy companies are massively investing in renewable energy sources through numerous grants and programs offering financial support for domestic and commercial renewable installations. As a result, the UK leads the world in offshore wind with more than 700 wind turbines installed.