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energy efficiency

Another Affordable Zero Carbon House. When Will Mainstream Builders Get It?

July 20, 2015 by Glenn Meyers

Whhy aren't all new homes like this?

A zero carbon house has been completed in Wales that cost $93 per square foot (£1000/m2), which is within government guidelines for the cost of social housing, and took just 16 weeks to construct. It's the second such example in Wales, yet the Government has just scrapped plans for all homes to be zero energy by 2016 on grounds of affordability.[read more]

Cupertino Companies Save Energy and Resources With the Green Business Challenge

July 16, 2015 by Celina Plaza

Receiving recognition: Cupertino business leaders

Cupertino, CA, along with Houston, TX, West Palm Beach, FL, and Lexington, KY, had all been awarded Green Business Challenge Implementation Packs and Cupertino completed its Challenge this past Tuesday, July 7, 2015.[read more]

How Retailers are Improving Operational Efficiencies by Implementing Enterprise Wide Energy Management Programs

July 14, 2015 by Jon Rabinowitz

Huge potential for better energy management

Reducing energy consumption, while promoting operational excellence, comes down to eliminating waste and improving operational efficiencies. The potential for return is huge and retailers are taking note. Here's some case studies.[read more]

Work has Begun on the World's Tallest Passive House Building in New York City

July 13, 2015 by Glenn Meyers

Artist's view

Cornell Tech is building an applied sciences campus on Roosevelt Island in New York City. It will feature environmentally friendly classrooms, lots of green space and a 250 foot tall residential high-rise dormitory building so energy efficient it could change the way buildings are constructed in New York City, if not the rest of the country.[read more]

Leaders Turn to LEED in the Sichuan Province of China

Vanke HQ, Shenzhen

In late June, a delegation from the Sichuan Province of China took time out of their busy schedules while touring the U.S. to visit the USGBC Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and discuss sustainable development in their region. The bulk of the meeting was focused on how to define a green building and educate the public.[read more]

How to Double Building Energy Efficiency in Your Area With the UN's SE4ALL [Video]

July 3, 2015 by Celina Plaza

Introduction to the Building Efficiency Accelerator.

Watch this webinar to discover how to double the rate of energy efficiency improvements in the building sector in your area by 2030, under the United Nation’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform initiative.[read more]

How Mobile-Access Networks Achieved a 10,000-fold Improvement in Energy Efficiency (Video)

June 30, 2015 by Rich Maltzman

A municipal mobile wireless node

GreenTouch is a non-profit consortium of telecom service providers and equipment vendors, developers, programmers working together on a focused goal to reduce the energy consumption of ‘the network’. It has just announced it has beaten its goal of 1000x energy use reduction by a factor of ten. Here's how.[read more]

2030 Districts: Communities Collaborating to Reach Inspirational Goals with Measured Performance

June 26, 2015 by GBIG Insight

The plan

If buildings are a major contributor to climate change, then what’s the solution? Reductions in energy use, water use, and transportation emissions, of course. For almost a decade, The 2030 Challenge has provided an inspirational, measurable goal for properties to reach for – and measures for figuring out how we’re doing.[read more]

Big Office Buildings In 'First Tier' U.S. Cities Still in the Lead on Being Green

June 26, 2015 by GBIG Insight

Minneapolis remains ahead of other cities

The 2015 Green Building Adoption Index cover finds that buildings going green is primarily a “first tier city phenomenon” and much more common in large office buildings, than it is in small office buildings. Minneapolis took the top spot once again, with more than 70% of all office space considered ‘green’.[read more]

The Key Market Drivers for China’s Better Built Environment

On tour of Chinese buildings

In May, I had the privilege to travel to China to promote LEED and WELL as key market drivers for China’s built environment. We were greatly excited by the enthusiasm of the leaders in China using LEED and looking to incorporate WELL into their built environment. Building and human performance is very much alive in China.[read more]

How To Retrofit the Most Efficient Lighting and LEED Approval

USGBC HQ's open plan office

USGBC's headquarters recently underwent a major lighting upgrade and we're sharing it with you so you can see how easy it is. Our new lighting includes a Digital Lighting Management system, or DLM, and the product family includes a complete line of control devices. Also, here's how LEED v4 addresses lighting.[read more]

New Home Energy Information Accelerator Will Help Expand Energy Efficiency in the U.S.

Towards better buildings

The Home Energy Information Accelerator brings together leaders in real estate and energy efficiency to expand the availability and use of reliable home energy information at relevant points in residential real estate transactions. The Better Buildings Residential Program Solution Centre is an online tool designed to help organizations explore tested solutions.[read more]