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New Year

A Resolution and a Celebration

January 10, 2015 by Kate Gallery

Neighborhood Resolutions and Celebrations

In 2015, those of us at Neighborhood Nomads resolve to spend more time where we belong. We got a headstart, actually. A few months ago, we changed the tagline here from “a guide to exploring close to home” to “a celebration of places we belong.”[read more]

A People-Friendly Times Square, Just in Time for New Year's Eve

Times Square and People

1904 was a big year for the city of New York. The first underground subway system in the United States launched in Manhattan, the New York Times opened the second highest skyscraper in the city at One Times Square, and with it a timeless tradition was born.[read more]

The Best of 2012 in Green Community Solutions: a Personal, Eclectic List

December 31, 2012 by Kaid Benfield

As we look back on the year that was, let’s honor some of the outstanding issues and accomplishments for community sustainability that came to light during the year. In many cases, naming a particular item one of the best of 2012 may be a bit (not completely) arbitrary: by definition, sustainability is seldom a single “event” that occurs wholly within one calendar year. But, in each of these cases, something caught my attention this year.[read more]

A Look Back at 2012 and Forward to 2013

December 31, 2012 by Rich Maltzman

“The clear alternative and the best news from 2012 came from Germany, the one big country that’s taken climate change seriously. Their energy minister announced in November that they were going to blow past their targets for renewable power. This is in Germany, mind you. I mean, Munich is north of Montreal, but there were days last summer when they generated more than half the power they used from solar panels within their borders. What they’re proving is it’s not natural bounty nor technological know-how that holds us back; it’s simply political will, one resource we’re capable of ginning up if we set our minds to it.”[read more]

The Best Ideas of 2012

December 31, 2012 by Planet Forward

Here at Planet Forward, 2012 was a big year!  We found some great new innovations that have the potential to change the debate on climate, energy, and sustainability in the U.S. and around the world.  Here are our favorite ideas of 2012 that we featured on our weekly Bloomberg West segment!But just because the year is ending...[read more]


A New Years Resolution: "Living Simply, So that Others May Simply Live."

December 30, 2012 by Renée van Staveren

With a New Year on the approach, for many, we begin our annual discussions of New Year Resolutions. Those pesky things that often are vowed to get done, with very little follow through. Instead of losing that five or ten pounds, getting organized, eating healthier or becoming a vegetarian, getting back to the gym, or the “I will stop smoking” resolution, let’s get simple. Voluntarily simplistic.[read more]

Liveable Cities: Top 10 Articles of 2012

December 29, 2012 by Future Cape Town

After a remarkable year at Future Cape Town, which included an entirely new website, and a whole host of new contributors from South Africa, and abroad, here are your 10 favourite articles of 2012 (based on your clicks). Transport seems to be the dominant theme but the Olympic Games, the struggle to define liveability and even a vision...[read more]

Experimenting Collaboratively for the Future of Humanity

December 29, 2012 by Urban Times


As a by-product of my research projects, I sometimes come across great conceptual experiments that use contemporary ingredients and new methodologies in innovative set ups. 'Learn Do Share' is the account of such an unusual experiment: DIY Days NYC was an interactive conference with workshops at the beginning of the year....[read more]

Top Built Environment Trends from 2012

December 28, 2012 by Urban Times


The past year has sparked a number of conversations about cities and the built environment; it seems that more than ever we are seeing people engage the places they live rather than waiting for community to form on its own. Here are a handful topics that received considerable attention in 2012. While this is of course an entirely...[read more]