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Building Materials

Asbestos: A Timeline of Building Hazards

June 28, 2016 by Matt Rhoney

Have you ever seen a home or building that needed great repair? If you’ve ever watched a house or building be demolished you’ve probably witnessed all of the inner dealings and workings that helped bring it together. From the foundation that was laid down to the cement and paint that was applied after building. Any builder knows that...[read more]

Downtown Los Angeles Experiences a Boom in Shipping Cargo Container Architecture

June 24, 2016 by The Global Grid

Since residents of Los Angeles understand that environmental issues and sustainability are important, there is always a search for building materials that are more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. The latest trend to hit downtown Los Angeles – cargo shipping containers. While the idea of a shipping container replacing an...[read more]


Can Sustainability and Safety Keep Pace With Progress?

June 2, 2016 by Michael Guajardo

Texas has the nation’s fastest-growing population. Last year, 466 people moved to Texas every single day. Many of the move-ins are coming to Dallas, and the never-ending construction in our city reflects our efforts to accommodate this burgeoning population.[read more]

Standard of Sustainable Building Materials and Inspection

May 18, 2016 by Sarah Smith

 Green building encompasses all that facilitate skillfulness in avoiding energy wastage, the utilization of sustainable construction materials, and processes that promote not only human, but also those that promote environmental health. There are profound effects that revolve around green building, effects that are either positive...[read more]

Your School Needs Effective Solid Waste Management

January 19, 2016 by erichlawson

The fact that solid waste in schools is fast increasing cannot be overemphasized. This is attributed to increased population in schools. If you are a school manager or a city-county waste management coordinator, discover simple yet effective procedures of managing solid waste in your school.[read more]

LEED Dynamic Plaque Coming to a Building Near You

January 11, 2016 by Chris Cheatham

With LEED Dynamic Plaques starting to appear in building lobbies it is a good time to understand this new U.S. Green Building Council platform. It is a whole lot more than a 7 lb. display unit.[read more]

‘Steelhenge’ Takes Shipping Containers To Another Level

December 25, 2015 by Glenn Meyers

Swiss architecture firm Bureau A recreated the iconic Stonehenge with shipping containersfor the first edition of the biennale for independent art spaces in Geneva, BIG. Using 50 containers, the firm was commissioned to create an open air venue that would function as a space for attendees to congregate.[read more]

Students of Nantes, France Utilize A “City Lab” to Test Urban Innovations

December 11, 2015 by The Global Grid

The “city lab” is a space to test all of these factors to scale. For architect and professor Christian Devilliers, “It is not the shape of the city that will change, but rather its uses.” And it is exactly these new uses that one can prototype in the “city labs.”[read more]


Screw Piles – A Green Alternative to Concrete Foundations

December 10, 2015 by Ryan Kh

The screw piles or pile foundation first came to prominence at the end of the 19th century and became one of the most well-known forms of foundation used throughout the world. It was simple, fast, effective and didn’t require the demands alternatives such as concrete does.[read more]

Be a Mississippi-River "Model Citizen" – How to Walk from Baton Rouge to St. Louis in About An Hour

December 3, 2015 by J. Kevin Byrne

"Let's see if am understanding this side trip," she finally said. "It involves walking a half mile along a model of the Mississippi aside an old German prisoner-of-war camp in the middle of the South, correct?"[read more]

Sticks, Stones, Fabric: The Evolution of Sustainable Building Materials

October 29, 2015 by Ryan Kh

Our long, impressive history of construction demonstrates that humans are abundantly capable of creating structures from all sorts of materials, natural and otherwise.[read more]

Plum Creek CEO Honored for Leadership and Advocacy by SFI

The Sustainability Forestry Initiative (SFI) recognized Rick Holley, the CEO of Seattle-based Plum Creek Timber Company, this month for his longstanding work in illustrating how wood that’s produced from responsibly managed forests ultimately benefits our communities.[read more]