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State of Emergency for Housing and Homelessness in Portland and City Club Affordable Housing Forum

October 6, 2015 by Taz Loomans

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales has declared a state of emergency for housing and homelessness in the city. With a vacancy rate of 2.5-3.2%, less than half of that in a healthy housing market, and a 30% increase in rents in that last 5 years, it certainly feels like a state of emergency to everyone from the homeless to the working poor to artists and even to middle class professionals.[read more]

Social Media Sparks Large Spontaneous Urban Demonstrations Against Racism

July 29, 2015 by Nora Lindström

Demo shows power of social media

A beautiful summer afternoon formed the backdrop to a 15,000-strong demonstration against racism and intolerance in Helsinki today. The demonstration was prompted by a racist and xenophobic Facebook post by a member of parliament from the nationalist-populist(-racist) Perussuomalaiset (“True Finns”) party.[read more]


Why Cities Need Youth Innovation for a Low Carbon Future

July 24, 2015 by Ivan Bruce

Young winners, designers of a walking app

More than ever, we need young people involved in creating sustainable cities. This can be achieved by establishing and strengthening networks that provide opportunities for young aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators to get involved and learn from like-minded groups of individuals on a global scale.[read more]

At What Point Can Regular, Frequent Public Transit Be Made To Work in Suburbia?

July 23, 2015 by David Levinson

The math on bus feasibility

This article tests the hypothesis that regular, frequent transit service remains feasible even in single family homes in neighborhoods with a modicum of density, such as suburbia. Warning: lots of number crunching ahead. We look at housing density, transit requirements, car alternatives, and rapid transit.[read more]

Barcelona, Medellín and the Right to Housing

July 22, 2015 by This Big City

A conversation starter

Barcelona and Medellín both suffer from the same problem of guaranteeing the right to housing. And this is exactly what is presented in the exhibition called Piso Piloto, or Pilot Project, hosted at the same time in both cities. It is an attempt to foster the exchange of experiences and knowledge regarding housing and its relationship with public space.[read more]

Why There’s More To Successful Cycle Paths than Just Building Cycle Paths

July 21, 2015 by Mark K Ames

When nature calls – take your bike

In order to encourage adults to start cycling again (often for the first time since their teens) we need to make the experience as simple as possible. What’s more, you shouldn’t have to make a large up-front investment. And that’s where I think we are going wrong with our recreational cycle paths.[read more]

Post-Earthquakes, How Walking and Placemaking in Kathmandu is Changing

July 20, 2015 by Walk21 Vienna

Not exactly wheelchair friendly.

Insights into the walkability in Kathmandu, Nepal and the emergence of a new importance of public space since the earthquakes hit Nepal earlier this year. A report by Walk21 Vienna Ambassador Kristie Daniel.[read more]

From Ideas to Implementation: Creating Sustainable Cities with Good Governance

Leadership: as easy as riding a bike?

How do we make cities work for people? Through From ideas to implementation: creating sustainable cities with good governance will look at two Brazilian cities—Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo—to explore the key governance gaps in urban planning, law, public policy, and institutions.[read more]

Why Many Cities are seen as the Deadbeat Uncle in their Regions

July 10, 2015 by Klaus Philipsen

What Obama got to do with it?

Early in Obama's presidency, the President checked personally that the departmental silos open up to collaboration in the Sustainable Communities Partnership he had initiated between the departments of housing (HUD), transportation (DOT) and environment (EPA). But how effective has it been?[read more]

The Youthful Cities Index: The Importance of Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

July 8, 2015 by Future Cape Town

Young business people in Lagos

What does the African continent’s “youth bulge” hold for its young people? What exciting challenges, opportunities and trends are taking center stage in the lives of young Africans? The second annual global Youthful Cities Index provides useful insights.[read more]

Sheffield's Plans for a 'New' Shopping Centre Seem Strangely Out of Date

July 7, 2015 by Julian Dobson

Back to the '60s in Sheffield

The latest consultation on the future of Sheffield's city centre has led to a proposal for a brand new shopping quarter optimistically described by some of its proponents as the 'first of the new'. In the visuals, the city's non-white population is conspicuously absent. In fact, the proposals look more like a dinosaur than embodying the best of modern urbanism.[read more]

As Old Suburbia Becomes Urbanized as Cities Expand, How Do We Reconcile the Conflicts?

July 7, 2015 by Brandon Donnelly

Vancouver BC City Skyline and Stanley Park

As cities expand, old suburbs become new urban areas and this can creates conflicts. Most of Vancouver's parts are suburban in their sensibilities. Toronto's inner suburbs are seen as holding back old Toronto and elitist old Toronto just doesn’t understand the priorities of the inner suburbs. How to handle this tension?[read more]