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Green Business


Cloud Computing: Understanding the Environmental Benefits of Modern Technology

September 28, 2015 by Ryan Kidman

Environmental sustainability is an essential aspect that many businesses are taking advantage of. As the world becomes more conscious of their contribution to the demise of natural resources, many have begun to look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint by going green[read more]

Goldman Sachs and the Evolution of Sustainable Investing

September 17, 2015 by Marc Gunther

Several big Wall Street banks–Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America/Merrill Lynch–are becoming increasingly interested in SRI which, interestingly, has been rebranded “sustainable, responsible and impact” investing by US SIF, an industry group.[read more]


How Sustainable Cities Collective Members Are Building a Better Future

July 29, 2015 by David Thorpe

Towards the green city [This is Singapore]

This is my last post for the time being on Sustainable Cities Collective and I want to take the opportunity to explain how I have come to understand the great value that it has. What will life be like for urban citizens in the future? The answer may depend upon whether you or your descendants will be living in a city which has implemented many of the ideas already covered on this website.[read more]


Why Cities Need Youth Innovation for a Low Carbon Future

July 24, 2015 by Ivan Bruce

Young winners, designers of a walking app

More than ever, we need young people involved in creating sustainable cities. This can be achieved by establishing and strengthening networks that provide opportunities for young aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators to get involved and learn from like-minded groups of individuals on a global scale.[read more]

10 Strategies for a Stronger, Greener Economy for Cities

Cities can face a bright dawn

Created and released by the Global Economy and Climate Commission two weeks ago, “Seizing the Global Opportunity: Partnerships for Better Growth and a Better Climate” outlines a global action plan with 10 recommendations for combating climate change without sacrificing economic growth.[read more]

Cupertino Companies Save Energy and Resources With the Green Business Challenge

July 16, 2015 by Celina Plaza

Receiving recognition: Cupertino business leaders

Cupertino, CA, along with Houston, TX, West Palm Beach, FL, and Lexington, KY, had all been awarded Green Business Challenge Implementation Packs and Cupertino completed its Challenge this past Tuesday, July 7, 2015.[read more]

How One City Used Policy Integration to Enable Sustainable Energy Sources

Powered by biogas.

In 1994, Lille began developing a program to convert organic waste into energy. 20 years later, it has a fleet of over 400 buses running on biogas, with the compost byproduct used as fertilizer on large farms in the peri-urban area. It did this by coordinating the energy and other sectors to make its urban energy system more sustainable.[read more]

How to Strengthen the Local Economy Through Community Wealth Building [VIDEO]

July 14, 2015 by Shareable .

Resilience - keep the money circulating locally

Community Wealth Building provides an alternative to the broken economic model. Based on providing broad economic security for the majority of workers, it is designed to take back our economy from the 1% and give it back to the 99%. It does this by focusing on inclusion, collaboration, cultivating local assets, and building new institutions.[read more]

Banks Should Lend World’s Top 500 Cities At Least $1bn to Tackle Climate Change – NCE-2015 Report

July 7, 2015 by David Thorpe

All cities must become low carbon, says the report

Multilateral development banks, donors and others should lend the world's top 500 cities at least US$1 billion to help them implement low carbon urban development strategies by 2020, according to the New Climate Economy 2015 report, published today by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.[read more]

How EU Financial Capital, Italy's Lombardy Region, Is Embracing the LEED Building Efficiency Standard

Aiming high

A tour of some of the more recently completed (or soon-to-be completed) LEED structures in Lombardy in Italy, a thriving area, with industries from agriculture and livestock to heavy and light manufacturing, not to mention fashion mecca Milan. LEED is flourishing there.[read more]

The Collaborative Economy Explained: Value Creation in the Age of Networks

July 1, 2015 by Shareable .

Everyone is at the center

Underlying the collaborative economy are a handful of very strong and general trends that are challenging the conventional business models in just about every sector of the economy — not just in the types of transactions that we usually think of. Value creation will increasingly focus on solutions that are created for a specific context.[read more]

Transit Infrastructure: Why We All Lose by Not Investing

July 1, 2015 by Klaus Philipsen

All aboard the BRT?

Infrastructure is an investment without a direct or short-term return, and so is often the first victim when politicians run on austerity and fiscal prudence, but really cater to immediate gratification and private consumption at the expense of long term thinking and communal benefits. Here is the case for long-term investments in infrastructure[read more]