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city parks

City Parks, Clean Water: Making Great Places Using Green Infrastructure

April 6, 2016 by City Parks Blog

City Parks, Clean Water explores numerous water-smart parks—both successful and unsuccessful. Through detailed case studies and interviews with experts, the report explains how cities can integrate recreation and stormwater management by creating parks that treat runoff as a multiple-benefit asset.[read more]

Room and a View: Rutherford Platt's Reclaiming American Cities

November 16, 2014 by City Parks Blog

Urban Reclamation

A city is much more than merely a physical entity. But for our purposes, as park lovers, let’s stay in that place for now: the physical city as the sum of its physical parts. What is the proportion of structures and open space that we seek? How much is for pure utility?[read more]

Seattle Parks and the Downtown Seattle Association - A Smart Marriage: Part 3

November 26, 2013 by City Parks Blog

Seattle Parks and Downtown

I’ve talked about downtown associations before – and business improvement districts (BIDs) – and their increasing willingness to take on parks to help enliven and beautify downtowns. BIDs exist in almost every one of the top 50 largest cities in the United States.[read more]

Urban Green Spaces: New Yorkers Luck Out with New Waterfront Park

September 7, 2013 by The Dirt ASLA

New Green NYC Park

In Long Island City, Queens, Mayor Michael Bloomberg just unveiled the first phase of Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park, a 5-acre park in a part of New York City without much green space. The park is a stunner, but also resilient and designed to adapt to climate change.[read more]

Park Portrait: The Urban Center Plaza

August 28, 2013 by Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman

Urban Center Plaza

What better place to start than with my first real observational project: The Urban Center Plaza. Located on Portland State University’s urban campus, it is a combination of green and grey space that intersects destinations for students and members of the neighborhood.[read more]

New Funding for Research on Restorative Urban Nature

August 9, 2013 by The Dirt ASLA

Green Urbanism

More than 80 percent of the U.S. population and 50 percent of the global population now live in urban areas. To ensure people can live in dense environments packed with people, parks and open space are critical. Without those, people flee to the suburbs.[read more]

Phoenix Committee Helps Drive Transparent Parks Policy

June 6, 2013 by City Parks Blog

How does a community lose 2+ acres of prized urban parkland without learning about it beforehand? How does a city government follow open meeting laws but fail to connect with affected residents?[read more]

Shaping the City with Horticulture: Parks and Plazas

May 30, 2013 by The Dirt ASLA

city parks


At Civic Horticulture in Philadelphia, three panels of leading landscape architects discussed the organizational, aesthetic, and productive potential of horticulture. They explained how it is shaping contemporary civic spaces.[read more]

Beyond PR: Services and Disservices of Urban Green Infrastructure

May 19, 2013 by The Nature of Cities

urban green infrastructure

How do the benefits of urban green infrastructure stack up against the costs? We need to better understand the services and disservices of green infrastructure for improved planning and management of urban ecosystems.[read more]

Los Angeles Placemaking: Angels in the Parks [VIDEO]

May 18, 2013 by City Parks Blog

angels in LA

Not all angels have wings. Some are clearly grounded and quietly working in Los Angeles city parks thanks to the partnership between the Recreation and Parks Department and the Los Angeles Parks Foundation.[read more]

A Walk in the Park: The Legacy of the 1903 Olmsted Plan

May 13, 2013 by The Global Grid

Green Lake Park, Seattle

While the greenbelt was the prevailing feature of the master plan, John Charles Olmsted also intended to locate a park or playground within a half mile of every home.[read more]

A Public-Private Partnership Throwdown

May 12, 2013 by City Parks Blog

public-private partnership

In spite of the ambiguity that results from adding more stakeholders to the park planning and management process, private partnerships are resulting not only in more dollars for parks but a keener sense of management for parks.[read more]