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What Does Urbanism Actually Mean? Mike Lydon Explains

Tactical Urbanism is Mike's new book

For all the buzz that tactical urbanism has received in the past several years, there’s still a lack of public consensus about the movement’s exact meaning, impact, and potential for change. Mike Lydon and Anthony Garcia, Principals of Street Plans Collaborative, take on these questions.[read more]

How to Communicate the Importance of Sustainable Food and Agriculture

Riverside Sustainable Food

How to set up local foods and healthy eating projects in low-income neighborhoods, and the importance of local and sustainable food and agriculture. An interview with Riverside, California City Council Member Andy Melendrez.[read more]

Voices of the City: Bonnie Horbach

April 17, 2015 by Future Cape Town

Cape Town Voices

Bonnie Horbach was appointed as the Consul General for the Netherlands in Cape Town on the first of July 2013. She studied History and Law at the University of Amsterdam and lived and worked in a lot of different countries: the US, Ghana, Mali and Belgium.[read more]

Voices of the City: Oyindamola Fakeye

April 10, 2015 by Future Cape Town

Voices of Lagos

This week we meet Oyindamola Fakeye. Oyinda describes herself as a curator of art, fashion and music. She currently works with the Video Art Network and The Wardrobe Stylists to promote Nigerian Fashion and Art to both local and international audiences.[read more]

Voices of the City: Francesca Perry

April 3, 2015 by Future Cape Town

Urban Voices

This week Voices of the City interviews Francesca Perry. Francesca is the Editor of Thinking City, a platform for the discussion of the experience of cities. She is a graduate of the UCL Urban Lab and a Londoner. She coordinates community engagement at both Guardian Cities and make:good.[read more]

Voices of the City: Nils Hansen, Bike Shop Owner, Cape Town

March 13, 2015 by Future Cape Town

Cape Town People

Voices of the City is a weekly feature that spotlights the everyday lives of Cape Town citizens, living and working in the city. This week is Woodstock resident and local business-owner, Nils Hansen, who founded the neighbourhood bike shop, Woodstock Cycleworks.[read more]

Your Guide to Urban Cycling: A Q&A with Author Yvonne Bambrick

February 26, 2015 by TheCityFix - produced by WRICities

Urban Cycling Interview

As cities worldwide grow and evolve, so too is the urban landscape changing for cyclists. While congested and chaotic streets still remain a persistent challenge for some cities, many others have recognized the need for robust cycling infrastructure and are actively supporting cycling culture.[read more]

Why Cities are the Solution to Climate Change: A Q&A with Ani Dasgupta

Cities and Climate Change

Ani Dasgupta is the Global Director of WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities and speaker at the upcoming Transforming Transportation 2015 conference, designed to learn more about the unique solutions cities can offer to combat climate change, boost economic prosperity, and catalyze smart urbanization.[read more]

'We Have to Get Urbanization Right': A Q&A with Felipe Calderón on Cities in the New Climate Economy

Urbanization and Climate Economics

We sat down with Felipe Calderón is the Chair of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate and keynote speaker at the upcoming Transforming Transportation 2015 conference, to learn more about how cities can drive forward sustainable, low-carbon economic growth.[read more]

Interview with Anne Whiston Spirn on the 30th Anniversary of The Granite Garden

January 12, 2015 by The Dirt ASLA

Granite Garden 30th Anniversary

Anne Whiston Spirn, FASLA, is a professor of landscape architecture and urban planning at MIT. Her most recent book is 'The Eye is a Door: Landscape, Photography, and the Art of Discovery.' She is also the author of 'The Granite Garden,' and 'The Language of Landscape.'[read more]

Innovating for Smart, Sustainable Cities: A Q&A on Urban Mobility with Zipcar Founder Robin Chase

Smart Cities and Mobility

2015 is a year of utmost importance for the global sustainable development agenda, and cities will play a pivotal role. Landmark global decisions over the next twelve months provide opportunities to unlock the potential of cities and improve quality of life for billions worldwide.[read more]

Voices of the City: Paige Nick

December 19, 2014 by Future Cape Town

Cape Town City Voices Interview

Voices of the City is a weekly feature that spotlights the everyday lives of our citizens, living and working in the city. This week we meet Paige Nick, a Sunday Times columnist, award-winning advertising copywriter, and author of the critically acclaimed novels, 'A Million Miles from Normal' and 'This Way Up.'[read more]