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city management

Can Big Data Deliver Evidence Based Urban Design?

May 19, 2015 by Klaus Philipsen

A vision for digital cities

Can big data, open data, and real-time measurements of everything get us to such a thing as "evidence based urban design", fact-based city planning, and an approach that thinks long-term instead of in election cycles? Can Smart Cities technology, i.e. the transition from analog to digital, bring about a more holistic, system-based and scientific approach to city planning?[read more]

Can a Suburb be Great?: Plano, Texas Receives 'Best Managed' City to Live Award

May 24, 2014 by The Global Grid

Suburban Management Success

When contemplating the “city,” one often imagines the iconic megalopolis of their respective culture – Americans draw upon New York, Francophiles refer to Paris, etc. To our benefit, many of these cities even conveniently tend to resemble each other![read more]


WEBCAST: Tim Campbell on How Cities Learn

December 9, 2013 by David Thorpe

The smartest cities network. 

The smartest cities network with each other. Watch Tim Campbell talking about how cities learn and his book Beyond Smart Cities. Tim is chairman of the Urban Age Institute, worked for years for the World Bank, and is a senior academic. Essential viewing for urban leaders everywhere.[read more]