The truly grassroots citizen group "City to River" is calling for St. Louis to "reopen our front door." While some of the world's best and brightest consider how to finish the Arch grounds itself, some realize that without the reconsideration of human-scale connections to the park and river, any effort will only serve to highlight the existing divide.

The group addresses pedestrian connections, traffic flow, time-lines and project cost. It's apparent that such an effort is sorely needed in the city as the decisions made in the coming months and years will dictate the form of our riverfront for the next half-century. As City to River highlights, St. Louis would not be breaking any new ground here as many cities have removed sections of Interstate highways. It can be done and is being done.

In many places, sections of Interstates were simply removed without significant additions to adjacent infrastructure. Here, the coming Mississippi River Bridge makes the 1.4-mile section of downtown redundant to many travelers. For less money than a three-block lid, shouldn't St. Louis be talking about removing part of I-70, reconnecting downtown to the river and creating an environment for further development? Of course we should. Let's hope that City to River is the group that can move the conversation in the right direction at the highest levels.

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